Pulverizing Applications

Drying and grinding system for algae for the making of jet fuel. This is IPEC’s Model 1300 and it displays a gas heater, Model 1300 Rotor Dryer, dust collector, and slurry handling equipment into the Rotor Dryer.

Bio material or actual food waste material grinder doing some partial drying and feeding of the material into a plasma furnace.

Rotor Dryer Model 3000 set up as a horizontal machine as it is processing electronic scrap that has varying densities. Therefore the machine is horizontal to give a constant residence time of the different density materials in the Rotor Mill.

Model 7000 Rotor Dryer which is used to grind and dry corn masa. It has a twin-screw feeder and a gas fired burner providing the heat to do the drying.

Rotor Mill dryer drying corn masa. This picture shows a more clearly heater inlet of the Model 7000.

Model 7000 Rotor Dryer that is handling a fire retardant chemical. It comes in at a 50% pace moisture and comes out bone dry at single digit micron particle sizes.